Summing Up Us

45342171_249058222437918_1901927783433502720_n2I’ve been pondering the idea of an art show for my son’s art. Where to do it? What to call it? How to essentially sum it up.

Last night while putting him to bed I said, “When I think of you, I think of a bear… a little brown bear. What animal do you think mama is like?”

He said without hesitation, “I think of a sleek black raven.”

Ha! I thought. Ravens are dark and rather majestic. Feeling like a worn out mama, wearing ill-fitting hospital scrubs as jammies I DID NOT feel feel like a raven.

I was trying to put together our identity.

“The Bear & The Raven”? No.
“The Bear & The Bird”? Nice alliteration, but no.

The next day I awoke feeling refreshed, but still not a sleek raven. I was a bird, but not a scavenger, nor a predator. I was something more common. I was a sparrow.

“The Bear & The Sparrow”? No. I didn’t want to sound like a folk band.

“The Sun & The Sparrow”? Yes. This was better. Judah being my son is also the type of human that bring a lightness and brightness into any room he enters (like his papa). His favorite color is, very appropriately, yellow.

I think of this cooperative art series as him being the superhero and me being his sidekick. It’s his vision that I’m inspired by. As one well versed in marketing, I’m just bird bringing it to the audience.